Traveling Across The Pond

Will not trouble you with excruciating over-nite flight details.  Take the sardine agony of flight as read, then we…
Staggered into the Clyde Court lobby.  I was so jet lagged I felt like my eyeballs had been used to mop up bus station ashtrays.  An irreverent voice in my head said, “Do they still have ashtrays in bus stations?”. I had my doubts.
Unfortunately, we were told we couldn’t check in until 12:30.  The concierge said something about us not knowing it would be so early in the morning here.  I replied we did know, it’s just we both have colds and we’re done in.  After that, she was a little more sympathetic.  So, off we go in  search of hot coffee and provender.
Because we are not worldly-wise (and because the app I am running didn’t show anything closer that would have coffee), we ended up at Starbucks.  Homogenized sameology through and through.  Could have been at home.  Was the antithesis of the traveling meme:  “See the world.  Try new things”. We fell on it like ravening wolves.
Having gotten some more cold meds and some hot coffee in me, I am feeling more charitable.  It’s supposed to be cold and sloppy this afternoon.  Bob and I have decided to go back to the hotel and check in.  I want a shower and clean clothes so bad I can taste them.  We found a mini-market  (more than a convenience store) called Centra that had whiskey, so I can have my cough medicine of choice, which is, since I can’t have codeine, whiskey.
At least we’re somewhere they have good whiskey…
Took pictures of the neighborhood and chimneypots (why do I love chimneypots so much?).
Embassy District
Embassy District