Rest in the mountain air

The week of Labor Day this year, Bob and I decided to do a tour of the state – from the beach to the mountains.  Actually, the plans decided themselves, due to an invitation to the Outer Banks and concerts in Asheville in the same week.  Who are we to say no to fate?

While in Asheville we stayed at a lovely bed and breakfast called The 1899 Wright Inn & Carriage House.  Because they had one available, I chose the room which had a king-sized bed.  This was a suite (The Wright Suite), on the main floor of the house, which included a private access through the breakfast nook.

Breakfast Nook
Breakfast Nook

The main room in the suite was originally the men’s parlor, and the breakfast nook was the smoking room.  The tea caddy was available all day, as well as piping hot water and cold water.  Another bonus:  a fridge for storing any leftovers included sodas and water with a donation basket that was matched by the innkeepers and given to the Humane Society every month.  All the innkeepers were the exact right amount of talkative and attentive, including bringing breakfast in the morning (one of the perks of having a breakfast nook is a private breakfast).  Breakfasts included coffee or tea (these were on a sideboard in the dining room, for “as needed” infusions of caffeine throughout the meal).

The breakfasts were freshly prepared, delicious, and came in courses, with juice and coffee coming first with a sweet bread and fruit.  The main breakfast followed, egg-based casserole and breakfast meat.  Here are the menus for the two days we stayed:

Day 1:  Orange juice & coffee, Strawberries Romanoff and Blueberry bread.  Egg casserole (reminded me of a Sally Lunn cake) with breakfast sausage.

Day 2:  Orange juice & coffee, bananas in cream and Cranberry-Orange bread.  French Toast with caramel sauce and crispy bacon.

Breakfast - Strawberries Romanoff and Blueberry Teabread
Breakfast – Strawberries Romanoff and Blueberry Teabread

The house has been lovingly restored and my only regret is we didn’t have any real leisure time to just sit on the beautiful porch and relax in the lovely, cool, Asheville in September weather we enjoyed during our trip.  I know we will make the trip again!

Front porch living at the Wright Inn
Front porch living at the Wright Inn