Flare Crusher vs. Fungus Humungus**

I thought my first post here was going to be about Ireland (more about that later), but since I’ve started a very strict, severe diet because of some health problems I’ve been having I had to commemorate my goodbye to refined sugar (etc.) in some fashion.

There was already a hero:  Flare Crusher, who was my avatar on the website  SuperBetter which was created by an awesome woman named Jane McGonigal (click here for the link to her TED talk about ten extra years of life). I created Flare Crusher when I was bedridden for 3 months and needed help to get going again.  Part of what was wrong with me was Lupus (hence, Flare Crusher).  Part of what may be going on is fungal.

Therefore, we have the following villain – Fungus Humungus.

Flare Crusher Meets Fungus Humungus

I have figured out some of the backstory for Fungus Humungus (**yes the word is spelt “humongous” – note the name only uses the letter “U”, there’s a clue in there).

There is a lovely scientist chick who is experimenting with a strain of fungus that has grown (unbeknownst to her) in a spot where a large meteor fell and deposited some genetic material of its own.  This gives the fungus a bigger than usual aggressive streak, and it begins to take over the kindhearted doctor.  She’s insidious, and a real energy suck, and really, really likes cake.  Oh, and wants to infect everyone and take over the world.

Flare Crusher exists because someone has to battle Fungus Humungus, of course.  Or is it the other way around?  If the villain arises, will the hero also arise?  Or does the hero predicate the villain?  Well, of course, if we had a villain and no hero, we’d all be living on Chiron Beta Prime, anyway.

*I* think it is extra-interesting that my picture has a very clear, almost edgy picture of the villain, and the hero is wispy (although, did you see that *hammer*???).